My Mayday Mile challenge: Kristina Jackson

Pushing herself in her wheelchair, a mile a day for 7 days, was a huge challenge for Kristina – all for the RNLI’s Mayday Mile.

Kristina Jackson is outside in her wheelchair and holds an RNLI yellow welly boot

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

What inspired you to support the RNLI?

I’ve always lived by the sea. I used to sail a lot. Here in Aberporth I’m close to Cardigan and New Quay lifeboat crews, and I see all the great work they do. It was my dream to volunteer as crew one day but Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) took that away. Raising funds is the best thing I can do where I’m at now.

Can you tell me about EDS and how it affects you?

It’s a rare condition caused by a faulty gene. It affects all my joints and connective tissue. Imagine an overstretched rubber band that can’t return to its original shape.

Following an accident a few years ago, symptoms have really come to the fore. I suffer chronic fatigue as part of the condition and have to use a wheelchair get about.

So why the Mayday Mile?

I’ve always been an outdoor kind of girl and I do love a challenge! I have problems self-propelling my wheelchair any distance, so I did some training to build myself up.

I was blown away by the level of support I got from people. I had over £150 in sponsorship so was absolutely determined to go through with it.

How was it?

My daily route took me through a wildlife reserve, alongside the River Teifi. You get to see razorbill, kingfishers and otters. There were some really tough moments getting up the inclines. I gritted my teeth and didn’t give in! My husband and son came along for support – and my dog Dobby. At the end of the week, I was buzzing.

Would you recommend volunteering or raising money for the RNLI?

Absolutely! Because you never know when you might need their help. Even if you don’t think that applies to you, it could be a friend or family member in trouble. Please do it. It’s for a great cause.

Will you go the distance?

Wheel it, walk it, dance it, bounce it. However you do your Mayday Mile, you’ll be helping our lifesavers be ready to rescue. To join in, head to the Mayday Mile page.