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Quiz: How well do you know your RNLI stations?

We’ve got a head-scratcher for you – can you guess the names of these 10 lifeboat stations from emojis? Put your knowledge to the test!

An emoji quiz. The first prompt features a crown and horn emoji, the second is ballet shoes and a martini glass, the third is ten bee emojis, the fourth is an eye and a mouth, and the fifth features a crown-wearing woman and a large ship
The emoji quiz - the sixth prompt features a toilet emoji, the seventh is a loch and a lizard, the eighth is a swan and an age symbol, the ninth is a glass of red wine and a runner, and the tenth is a teddy bear and buildings

Ready? Get the answers

1. Kinghorn; 2. Ballyglass; 3. Tenby; 4. Eyemouth; 5. Queensferry; 6. Looe; 7. Loch Ness; 8. Swanage; 9. Portrush; 10. Teddington

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