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Saving Lives at Sea: Series 6 Episode 7

Find out more about the stories and stations featured in episode 7 of Saving Lives at Sea series 6, with lifesavers from Rhyl, Eastbourne, Loch Ness and Newhaven.  

Warning: This video contains flickering, flashing or blinking content.

Rhyl: Dynamic doggy paddle

One of the episode’s most heart-warming rescues is that of a springer spaniel who frantically paddled a half a mile out to sea. The dog was walking along Rhyl seafront with her owner, when she spotted some seagulls and dashed into the water after them. The excitable pooch kept swimming as the birds went further out to sea. Luckily, her owner did the right thing calling for help and not going in after her. Hear from Rhyl lifeboat crew member Andy Wilde as he recalls this pet rescue.

Eastbourne: Extreme sports disaster

More sobering perhaps is when Eastbourne lifeboat crew join forces with coastguards to rescue an injured BASE jumper at the foot of Beachy Head. Our lifesavers went ashore to provide casualty care assistance as the injured man was prepared for his helicopter journey to hospital. They also took the remaining BASE jumpers back to safety. As the clip confirms, jumping from height is extremely hazardous. That includes jumping into the sea too: the water may be shallower than it looks or there could be hidden rocks that cause serious injury. 

Warning: This video contains flickering, flashing or blinking content.

Loch Ness: aircraft adrift

We also follow the volunteers of Loch Ness Lifeboat Station who rescue an unusual beast, in the shape of a Second World War flying boat. With a wingspan of 32m, the powerless and drifting seaplane was too big to recover to a harbour or pontoon, so the crew skilfully towed it to a secure mooring where engineers could safely carry out repairs and get it back in the air.

Newhaven: Tall Ship Mayday

Newhaven volunteers feature in this episode too. They respond to a medical emergency onboard the tall ship Pelican of London when one of the men onboard is taken ill in the early hours. With his life in danger, the young man needed immediate evacuation to hospital. Expertly avoiding the ship’s outriggers in a 2m swell, Coxswain Lewis Arnold brought the lifeboat close enough to put two RNLI crew aboard and help prepare the casualty for his winch into the rescue helicopter.  

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