One Year On

A year after the lockdowns began, the RNLI reflects on what has been a strange and difficult time for us all

This time last year, we were all heading into lockdown for the first time. What that meant for us all was unknown. How would we work? Shop? Care for our loved ones? Just how long would it take for the deadly virus to be cured so we could move on with our lives?

For the lifesavers of the RNLI, there were other challenges. How can we save lives if we can't get within 2 metres of someone? How do I protect myself so I can protect others from the dangers of the sea? And how will we raise enough money to ensure that, when the call to rescue comes in, we can answer it?

One year on, many questions remain unanswered. But RNLI lifesavers have continued to give up their time and leave their loved ones behind to save lives at sea. As well as the yellow drysuits and the white helmets, they've had to wear the blue face masks and purple gloves. So they can reach out to those in desperate need of rescue. 

Your support has kept them going through this year. Without your kindness, they wouldn't have the protective equipment to keep them safe, or the training to safely save lives. On behalf of all the lifesavers at the RNLI, thank you for your support this past year.