From the coastline to the frontline

Some RNLI volunteers have had to put lifeboats on hold while they battle the pandemic as key workers

Being an RNLI volunteer requires dedication, courage and sacrifice. But some RNLI volunteers have had to sacrifice more than usual. It's no surprise that many RNLI volunteers are also hospital workers, paramedics and other key workers. The current situation means many of them are unable to volunteer for the RNLI. Having to isolate themselves from both their family and their fellow volunteers at the RNLI, so they can keep their friends and loved ones safe.

In this video, we spotlight volunteers from Scarborough, who have left the coastline to save lives at the frontline of the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, the volunteers still on RNLI lifeboat crews launched 120 times over the bank holiday weekend as the good weather attracted thousands to the coast. With less lifeguard patrols than normal this year, lifeboat crews will be busier than ever working to keep people safe at the coast. But they can only do so with your support. Will you help our lifeboat crews save lives at sea?