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RNLI lifesavers: Always on call

Through the good times and the bad, the RNLI have been saving lives for almost 200 years. But it's your support that powers our lifesaving work.

Since 1824, RNLI lifesavers have been ready to risk their lives to save the lives of total strangers. No matter what the circumstances might be. During times of war and times of peace. Whether the seas were calm or raging. At the break of dawn or during the dead of night. They have been there ready to launch. Without them, the waters around the UK and Ireland would have been a much more dangerous place.

Today is no different. Despite the lockdown, RNLI lifesavers are ready to run to the rescue at a moment's notice, to go to the aid of those in desperate need of rescue. It's our watch, and we are ready to launch. But that's only possible because of two things. The courage, selflessness and dedication of our lifeboat crews. And the support you give us. Every time you donate, you help provide our crews with the equipment, training, and support they need to be able to save lives at sea. You power us on every rescue we do. You are part of our watch.

In these strange and difficult times, if you can afford to make a donation, you will be ensuring that our watch can continue. We don't know where or when the next shout will come in. So we have to be ready. Your donation could mean the difference between someone being brought home safely, and someone not being brought home at all.

Will you help us save lives at sea?

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