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What would you say to someone who saved your life?

Rescuees say a special thank you to the RNLI lifeboat crews and lifeguards who saved their lives.

'I thought I'd lost him. I didn't think he was coming back.'

This Christmas, rescuees and their families have come together to send a thank you message to the lifeboat crews and lifeguards who have ensured they can be together this festive season. Featured in this video are rescuees from the UK, Ireland and beyond, including a surfer from the US who was rescued by Porthcawl Lifeboat. Ben Williamson, who was swept out to sea while his wife Hannah watched, was rescued by St Agnes RNLI. And father and son Mark and Edward Heselhurst were rescued by Redcar RNLI when they became cut off by the tide in Saltburn.

These stories and the others featured in the video are just some of the lives that have been touched by the RNLI. Your kindness meant that when the call to rescue these people came in, RNLI lifesavers were able to answer it. Because you cared, they are alive today.

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However you support us, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.