Unsung heroes: Peter Harrison

Peter tells us what makes him so committed to the RNLI.

Peter Harrison, who is leaving a legacy to the RNLI

Photo: RNLI/Aram Atkinson

How are you involved with the RNLI?

I’ve made a gift in my Will, many years ago. It’s a big family tradition. My grandmother and both my parents left money to the RNLI in their Will.

Why do you respect the water?

I spent over 25 years in the Navy. I’ve seen the sea in all its moods – I’ve seen it flat as a pancake and in an Atlantic storm in winter when the waves were 60–70ft high.

Why are you leaving a gift in Will to the RNLI?

It’s my favourite charity, simple as that. It saves lives and it saves lives every day.

The RNLI is helping people in places like Bangladesh – the people who drown each year is appalling. And we’re spending very small amounts of money for great impact there.

Did you ever consider joining the crew?

Yes. But I was away so much, it wasn’t practical. I have rescued people myself while on our yacht with my family. A father and son of about 12 had capsized. Son got back in but the father was too tired. So we pulled him out the water, towed them back. The rescued man wanted to give my father money. Father gave it to the RNLI.

You hear lots of stories about how bad the younger generation is, and I think actually when you see younger lifeboat crews and lifeguards, they’re doing a super job. I admire them.

What would you say to someone thinking of making a Will?

Making a Will is very simple. It’s not very dear either. Leaving a gift in Will is a very efficient way of leaving money. I feel great satisfaction that I’m doing something that is important, that’ll save lives.

Peter’s proud to be leaving a legacy to save lives at sea. To find out how your legacy could save lives, visit our gifts in Wills page.

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