Round off your RNLI Fish Supper with the perfect coffee

Read our tips from Perky Blenders and watch the video on how to brew a superior coffee to finish off your Fish Supper. 
Three brown paper packets of Perky Blenders fresh ground coffee. Image supplied by Perky Blenders.

You’ll find some delicious recipes in our fundraising pack and plenty of inspiration on how to whip up a variety of fish-themed creations for your Fish Supper. But as every Michelin-star restaurateur knows, the coffee is the clincher when it comes to a memorable evening. Thanks to our friends at Perky Blenders, you can receive a 50% discount on their beans or specialty ground coffee blends. To show you how to get the best out of their beans, they share their tips here on how to prepare the perfect brew. 

Prepare to grind

You’ll get the freshest aroma if you grind whole beans from scratch, but otherwise choose a consistency to match your brewing method. For espresso coffee makers, you’ll want a fine blend that percolates easily, while a cafetiere, French press or filter allows a coarser grind. 

Pick your style

For a short espresso with a continental style, use a stovetop percolator, which forces steam through fine grounds to produce a thicker, stronger coffee that is typically drunk without milk. These are great if you have just a few guests, but if there are more of you round the table, a larger volume cafetiere or French press is better. Allow a dessert spoon of ground coffee per person, pour over hot but not boiling water and leave to brew for a couple of minutes before plunging. 

Seize the moment

How do you fill those anticipation-packed minutes while your coffee is brewing? We’ve got just the solution. Put all that brain-food to the test with our Fish Supper quiz. You could also take advantage of the time it takes for your coffee to brew to share your Fish Supper photos on our social channels, using the hashtag #RNLIFishSupper. 

Simple tips for better coffee

The flavour in fresh coffee comes from the slow release of delicate oils. Surprisingly, you’ll get a better flavour by not using boiling water straight from the kettle, but by letting it cool to around 90 degrees centigrade. As with tea, you’ll also keep more flavour if you warm the cafetiere or pot first with a swish of boiling water. 

How to prepare a Perky Blinder

You can find detailed information on the full range of Perky Blinder coffees or even watch our own tutorial on how to make a better brew to close out your Fish Supper. 

The perfect moment

If you haven’t already collected donations when guests arrived, after dinner is a great opportunity to pass around our handy donations box while guests are winding down after a delicious Fish Supper. 

Inspiration from our friends at Perky Blenders

Perky Blenders are small batch, speciality grade coffee roasters. Our beans are predominantly (but not exclusively) sourced from farms in South America and Africa, and hand-picked for their quality and provenance. It’s an epic way to source, and we know it’s what gives our blends a truly cutting-edge taste. All of our blends prioritise sustainability, positive social impact and mutual profit. We make sure farmers get the best deal by paying above the Fairtrade minimum and that is our mission, to provide coffee that doesn’t compromise on soil, farmer or consumer. There is no compromise when you do something well, and that is all we do. 

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