How to pick the perfect ale for your fish dish

Beer and fish are a gastronomic match made in heaven. But when it comes to picking the right ale for your dish, how do you choose? Should you have a hoppy IPA with your haddock or a stout with your trout? We’ve teamed up with St Austell Brewery to give you a few pointers. 
A bottle of Korev accompanies a plate of fish and chips at St Austell Brewery. Image supplied by St Austell Brewery

One billion pints

Although St Austell Brewery’s award-winning beers are best known in Cornwall and Devon, you can find them in pubs, bars and supermarkets across the UK and even overseas. 

The brewery has a rich heritage – they’ve been making beer almost as long as we’ve been saving lives at sea. They were founded in 1851 by Cornishman Walter Hicks and have remained independent and family-owned to this day. 

In those 166 years of brewing, they’ve produced over one billion pints. We think it’s fair to say they know their beer.

Perfect pairings

Serving delicious ale with your fish is a no-brainer, but how do you sort your IPA from your Cornish lager? We’re serving you with a few ale and fish pairings that are sure to go down a storm this Fish Supper:

Fish pie or fish and chips

If you’re planning a classic dish like pie or fish and chips, we’d recommend the fruity Tribute ale. It’s light, hoppy and zesty, with orange and grapefruit flavours balanced with specially-grown Cornish biscuit malt. According to the experts at St Austell Brewery, it’s a favourite in South West England. 

Spicy fish

If you’re cooking your fish in spices, like a Thai fish curry or Kerala fried fish, try a fresh, delicate beer that brings out the flavours. We’d recommend Korev, a platinum gold lager with a clean, crisp taste. Korev is Cornish for beer and, fittingly, this lager is crafted at the St Austell brewery using the finest malt from barley grown in Cornwall.


If you’re whipping up grilled prawns or scallop skewers for your Fish Supper, we’d recommend serving Under Dog. It packs a flavourful punch, with aromatic Simcoe and Comet hops from the US and Styrian Wolf hops from Slovenia. The fruity flavours of passionfruit, pineapple and mango make this a perfectly delicious accompaniment to any seafood dish. 

Smoked fish

Serving smoked salmon, halibut, trout or mackerel? You can’t go wrong with the tropical citrus twist of Baobab. Otherwise known as the upside-down tree, baobab powder is ethically produced and sustainably sourced from the Eden Project. This wheat beer is finished using a Hefeweizen top-fermenting ale yeast, which lends banana and bubble gum flavours to the mix.

Creamy garlic mussels

Sayzon, which is brewed with a blend of barley, wheat and oat malts and gently spiced with ginger, lemon and lime zest, pairs fantastically with a creamy, garlic dish. It has a hint of cinnamon and is fermented with a special strain of saison yeast to deliver a beer that is assertive yet refreshing with a peppery spice and an invigorating citrus finish.

Save lives as you shop

If you shop at St Austell’s Brewery this October, they’ll donate 5% of whatever you spend to the RNLI (on orders over £20). Just enter RNLI5 at the checkout. 

Inspiration from our friends at St Austell

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