A mash made in heaven

Do you know your boilers from your roasters? Which is the perfect spud for mashing? We've teamed up with Albert Bartlett to create a quick and easy guide to potatoes this Fish Supper.  
A tray of Albert Bartlett potatoes. Image supplied by Albert Bartlett

Potatoes are the ultimate accompaniment to fish – but with endless varieties out there, how do you choose which is right for you? Albert Bartlett helps us sort our Roosters from our Russets.

These potatoes stand out from the crowd, with deep red skin and shallow eyes. They’re also one of the most versatile potatoes around: perfect for roasting, chipping, mashing, boiling, steaming and even baking. However you choose to cook them, they’re sure to taste delicious. According to Albert Bartlett, the Rooster is Britain’s favourite brand of potato – it’s even won a Scottish Food and Drink Excellence award!

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Two fishcakes on a plate with a lemon wedge. Photo: Shutterstock/Magdanatka

Meet Albert Bartlett Rooster farmers: Alexander and Andew Bayne from Perthshire

As well as potatoes, the Baynes grow carrots, swedes, spring barley for malting and winter wheat for livestock feeding. They also rear cattle and sheep. 

Being farmers, they depend on soils and the environment for their crops, and are committed to caring for them in the best way possible. To help them achieve this, they are part of The Rural Stewardship Scheme. This has allowed them to plant and maintain hedges, as well as creating water course buffer zones. 

Alexander and Andrew are also part of Operation Bumblebee which is helping to increase the bee population. 

To meet more Albert Bartlett Rooster farmers, visit the website.

These golden potatoes are absolutely perfect for boiling, baking or mashing, thanks to their creamy texture and sweet, buttery taste. You can tell it’s an Elfe from the smooth oval shape, soft skin and bright yellow flesh.

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Potato waffle with smoked fish

Meet an Albert Bartlett Elfe farmer: Nick Gilford from Suffolk

Nick Gilford of Frederick Hiam Ltd supplies several varieties of potato, including Rooster, Vivaldi, Marabel and Elfe.

The production team at Frederick Hiam are focused on producing vegetable crops to meet the changing needs of the fresh produce industry. They grow a number of other crops including onions, parsnips, carrots, brassicas, sugar beet and cereals, and have two herds of dairy cattle within Wales.

They are LEAF certified and have large areas of woodlands and conservation areas on their farms, which are home to deer, otters and numerous species of birds.

To meet more Albert Bartlett Elfe farmers, visit the website.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching side to your Fish Supper, then the Apache is for you! A small potato with distinctive red and white patches, it is ideal for roasting whole in its skin, with a dash of oil and a sprig of rosemary. With a sweet, chestnut flavour, it will be perfect alongside your favourite fish dish.

A tray of Albert Bartlett Apache potatoes.

Meet an Albert Bartlett Apache farmer: Justin Wilderspin from Kings Lynn

Justin Wilderspin is the farm manager for Albert Bartlett. He looks after their farming operation based out of Kings Lynn in Suffolk and overseas a potato varied crop including Rooster, Purple Majesty, Elfe, Vivaldi, Russet, Supreme Salad and Marabel.

To meet more Albert Bartlett Apache farmers, visit the website.

Don’t be fooled, Purple Majesty potatoes are naturally purple – and bursting with antioxidant health benefits! They retain the purple colour, even when cooked, making magical wedges, vibrant mash or bold baked potatoes. If you’re looking to surprise your friends and add a bit of ‘wow factor’ this Fish Supper, this is the potato for you. 

A tray of Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty potatoes and other roasted vegetables.

Meet Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty farmers: A.J. Allan from Angus

Alongside their potato growing business, A.J. Allan are also seed potato merchants. They act for a group of local seed growers, supplying seeds to English farmers and exporting seeds to Europe and North Africa.

Alistair Melrose and his team at A. J. Allan are very aware of their responsibility to protect the environment and grow potatoes with that in mind.

To meet more Albert Bartlett Purple Majesty farmers, visit the website.

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Inspiration from our friends at Albert Bartlett

Albert Bartlett potatoes logo

Albert Bartlett is a family owned company and the UK’s leading supplier of potatoes. Established in 1948, the business is now a popular household name and is dedicated to providing tasty food by developing its range to fit with today’s meal providers. The company is fiercely committed to providing a branded range of the best potatoes grown in the most responsible way. Albert Bartlett potatoes are grown across the UK from the far north of Scotland to Cornwall and across to Northern Ireland and the Island of Jersey. In 2015, the Company purchased a frozen facility in Westwick, Norfolk, and applied its long experience and expertise to a new frozen potato range, made using the famous Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes which are grown, prepared and frozen in the UK.