Achill Island's station history


Silver medal awarded 1999

Following a review of lifeboat cover in the Clew Bay area of County Mayo it was resolved at a meeting of the Executive Committee held on 22 November 1995 that an all weather lifeboat station be established at Kildavnet, in the southern part of Achill Sound for 12 months evaluation.

Clew Bay lies 50 miles by sea to the south of the all weather lifeboat station at Ballyglass, and 50 miles by sea to the north of Aran Islands (formerly Galway Bay) all weather lifeboat station, in an area with the highest cliffs in Ireland.


In order to provide the station with suitable crew facilities during the evaluation period a portacabin and a storage container were sited at Kildavnet during June/July and temporary lifeboat, Waveney class, ON1027 Helen Turnball was placed on service on 28 August.


Arun class lifeboat, Soldian (ON1057), placed on service on 26 January.


Silver Medal awarded to Coxswain Brian Patten by HRH Princess Anne, and Letters of Thanks signed by the Chairman of the Institution Mr David Ackland awarded to the crew of the Soldian, for the rescue of three men and the fishing vessel Carrigeen Bay that had engine failure and was drifting rapidly onto rocks in a Force 9 Strong Gale and 22ft swells on 27 February 1999.  Despite appalling conditions a tow was established and although this parted on several occasions and with the sea breaking over both vessels the Carrigeen Bay was towed to the shelter of Calre Island.  The award of the Silver Medal, voted by the Committee of Management on 15 September, was uniquely announced at the end of the naming ceremony of ON1240 on 18 September.

Trent class lifeboat, Sam and Ada Moody (ON1240), on service 28 April.


James Michael Bower Endowment Fund Award for 1999 awarded to Coxswain Brian Patten, as one of the two RNLI Silver Medal awardees of 1999.


Letter of commendation from the Operations Director awarded to Coxswain Tommy Kilbane and the three crew members of the Sam and Ada Moody for their arduous service on 20 May in severe and unseasonable weather in the rescue of four canoeists who were blown out to sea.


A new B class boathouse completed in February at a cost of £600,550.


A special framed certificate signed by Surgeon Rear Admiral F Golden and the Chief Executive presented to Crew Members David Curtis and Arthur Knipe, and also Doctor Patrick Lineen, in recognition of the compassion and exemplary first aid rendered to a seriously injured woman who was in a perilous position on a narrow pier wall, in darkness during the night of 9 April.


17 hour callout to assist fishing vessel with five crew 54 miles west of Achill Island on 19 September.