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Let Not the Deep Swallow Me Up

A photography exhibition exploring the motivations that drive volunteers to risk their own safety to save lives at sea.

A new exhibition by photographer Michael Sreenan opens in Redcar this May. Working in partnership with Kirkleatham Museum, Let Not the Deep Swallow Me Up explores the motivations that drive RNLI volunteers to risk their own safety and examines the deep-rooted sense of duty and compassion that compels these volunteers to save lives at sea.

As part of the 200 year anniversary of the RNLI, the exhibition aims to tell stories both historic and current, and explore our local heritage, uncovering the ordinary behind the extraordinary tales. It will showcase fine art imagery around texture, substance and historical artefact.

Michael Sreenan is a Redcar based photographer (Portrait of Britain winner 2023). He aims to evoke a sense of connection and storytelling through his work, whether a personal project, commissioned or commercial. He has had public exhibitions and works with a range of commercial clients such as Hilton Hotels, The Royal Opera House, DFDS, Barker and Stonehouse, & North East Times Magazine.

The exhibition is free to enter and will run from 9th May throughout the Summer of 2024.

For more information, email Michael’s studio manager, Ree Kirkbride


Name: Ellen Bissell

Email: [email protected]


Kirkleatham Museum
TS10 5NW