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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Creative Toolkit, how you can utilise its resources and the teams behind it.

The Creative Toolkit brings together the RNLI's Brand Guidelines with resources related to the organisation's external-facing digital properties. We have followed the lead of organisations such as the BBC in defining our approach. The RNLI Creative Toolkit serves six main functions:

  1. To enable stakeholders throughout the RNLI to commission sites, section, pages and components quickly and cost effectively
  2. To enable the RNLI's Creative Services team consolidate their latest thinking on brand architecture, visual identity and tone of voice in a flexible and accessible space
  3. To enable the RNLI's Digital team to present a single point of reference for digital content creation on and related properties. We believe that understanding concepts such as grids and responsive design, in addition to presenting a shared taxonomy around components and templates will help projects move faster and overall quality to rise
  4. To enable RNLI content creators to quickly access the house style guide, brand and tone of voice guidelines: supporting brand consistency while reducing burden on the Creative Services team
  5. To provide suppliers of the RNLI with up-to-date assets and guidelines to increase the speed and quality of their work, while reducing costs around rework
  6. To express how the RNLI's values (Trustworthy, Courageous, Selfless and Dependable) are reflected in transparent design and knowledge sharing practices

Creative Services have created all brand-related guidelines and copy.

The Digital team have created digital-related copy, sometimes in partnership with Creative Services (especially where things might get too technical).

The site is updated when significant changes are made to the brand or digital guidelines, or when major updates are made to the templates or components available on and related properties.

Content on the Creative Toolkit is jointly maintained by Creative Services and the Digital team. The site's operation is managed by the Digital Studio.

In the first instance, please email [email protected]. You may be directed to a Digital Business Partner for support or the Digital Studio may handle your query or requirements directly.

In the first instance, please email [email protected].

If you would like to see an additional term added to the Glossary, please email [email protected]. Do let us know if you feel that any entries could be improved too: we are always looking to improve.
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