How a strong brand helps

The RNLI’s well respected and historic brand is one of our charity’s most valuable assets.

Our brand guidelines protect and improve the value of the brand, and the RNLI’s reputation, while giving you the creative freedom to achieve results.

If our brand is to stay strong, trusted and distinctive, our communications must be designed and written in a consistent way. Consistency makes us more identifiable and more memorable, and makes people more inclined to donate, engage or change their behaviour.

Our full Brand Guidelines document is available here


Applying the brand guidelines to your design helps ensure:

  • your target audience recognises your campaign across channels
  • your target audience understands that your message is coming from the RNLI – a trusted organisation
  • your collateral is easy to use, as users quickly get a feel for what content lives where, and what certain buttons do
  • your collateral follows best practice in terms of accessibility
  • your creatives get it right first time, as parameters and expectations are clearly defined.

Copy and content

Applying the brand guidelines to your copy and content helps ensure:

  • clarity, as the house style defines the clearest way for communicating key information, such as dates and times
  • professionalism and trust, as consistent application of the tone of voice and house style conveys the impression of a joined-up organisation
  • relevance to your target audiences, as the tone of voice delivers content in the most appealing way
  • the RNLI’s reputation is protected
  • your content producers get it right first time, as parameters and expectations are clearly defined

Ready to get started? Explore the RNLI Brand Guidelines.

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