Section landing page

Gives an overview of the section, allows navigation to child pages, and promotes the key areas of the section.


This image shows how a section landing page will look (from left to right) on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Example of section landing page in 3 sizes

Usage guidelines

  • This is the landing page for all key top-level site sections. For example - About Us, What We Do.
  • Use this template as a navigation hub to child pages.
  • By default, each page will have a Title, Summary, Body, Image (Landscape) and Share Page components. 
  • Keep the page simple with clear CTAs.

Live examples

Links to components

  • Example of "Title".
    The title of the page (H1).
    more details
  • Example of "Summary".
    A short summary of the page that appears beneath the title.
    more details
  • Example of "Image (landscape)".
    Image (Landscape)
    A responsive image with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with caption, credit and share options.
    more details
  • Example of "Share".
    Share Page
    Allows visitors to easier share webpage to social networks.
    more details
  • Example of "Facts slider".
    Facts Slider
    A slider that displays statistics with icons. You can also add a call-to-action button to the top-right of the panel. This button links to another page.
    more details
  • Example of "Signpost".
    A panel that links through to a child page.
    more details
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