Fundraising landing page

The fundraising landing page is used for key appeals throughout the year. It gives context to why we're asking for supporters' kind donations and how they support our lifesaving.


This image shows how a fundraising landing page will look (from left to right) on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Usage guidelines

  • This is the landing page for all appeals. For example - Spring appeal, Summer appeal, Mayday and Christmas appeal.
  • Use this template for online donations.
  • Keep the page succinct with clear CTAs.

Live example

Links to components

  • Example of "Hero promo".
    A large panel with campaign branding and a call to action.
    Hero Promo
  • RNLI Lifeboats logo on grey background
  • Example of "Body".
    The main body of text.
  • Example of "Link".
    A button which, when clicked, takes you to another web page.
  • Example of "Image (landscape)".
    A responsive image with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with caption, credit and share options.
    Image (Landscape)
  • Example of "Quote".
    A blue panel that displays a quote, along with the name and photo of the person giving the quote.
  • Example of "Facts slider".
    A slider that displays statistics with icons. You can also add a call-to-action button to the top-right of the panel. This button links to another page.
    Facts Slider
  • RNLI Lifeboats logo on grey background
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