Form page

A form allows the user to interact with our website, for example to get in touch, order a resource or make a donation


This image shows how a form page will look (from left to right) on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Example of form page

Usage guidelines

  • All forms are either transactional or non-transactional. Transactional forms involve taking payments onsite, non-transactional forms do not and are often used for enquiries.
  • RNLI forms are built in a system called Syrenis which once published can be pulled into Sitecore.
  • All forms must include the 'your privacy' and 'keep in touch' section in order to comply with GDPR. The opt in tick boxes will reflect the fields you choose in 'Contact details,' e.g. if 'Home phone number' is chosen, 'By phone' needs to be there for opt in.
  • Every form needs a thank you page which the user is redirected to after submitting their enquiry/donation.
  • An optional automatic thank you email can be sent on submission of a form.

Live examples

Links to components

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  • Example of "Form".
    A form for the user to fill in and submit.
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