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Digital Principles

It’s important to follow best practices and aim for high standards when creating and maintaining websites, apps and other digital products. That’s why we’ve created a set of overarching principles to guide our work.

These cover our Sitecore properties like, and also act as a reference point for other projects.

  • RNLI Digital principles UX
    User experience (UX)
    Our user experience principles help us maintain consistent layouts and interactions across RNLI properties, while encouraging flexibility and creativity.
  • RNLI Digital principles development
    Our consistent and pragmatic approach to development delivers excellent user experiences while reducing cost.
  • RNLI Digital principles seo
    Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    We make our websites as SEO-friendly as possible, so that our content is as easy as possible for people to find. We use ethical white-hat practices that reflect both the RNLI’s values and our long-term marketing interests.
  • RNLI Digital principles accessibility
    Our approach to accessibility is to design and build better websites for everyone, regardless of their level of disability. We do this by using web standards and conforming to accessibility best practices.
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