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A blue panel that displays a quote, along with the name and photo of the person giving the quote.


Category: Facts and Quotes

Here is a working example of Quote. Its appearance will change in response to the size of your screen.

This is what a quote in the side navigation looks like

Usage guidelines

  • Use to pull out and emphasize an important aspect of the content.
  • Since users almost never read they scan, use to provide them with some focus to fix their attention to the most important part of our content.
  • Quote copy should not be too long but to highlight or add value to the proceeding copy in page.
  • If an optional image is chosen it should be related to the quote as best practise.
  • We recommend the usage of this component within page to be limted to two of quotes per page.
  • If more than one quote is implemented, there must be adquate visual space between them and be relevant to the content.


  • Place in the Body Content or Side Content.

Editing and customisation

  • You can edit the quote and credit.
  • You can add an optional image.

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