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Logo List

A list of logos with the option to click through.


Category: Tabs and lists

Here is a working example of Logo List. Its appearance will change in response to the size of your screen.

Logo Listing

  • RNLI Lifeboats logo on grey background
  • RNLI Lifeboats logo on grey background

Usage guidelines

  • Use to show a list of partner organisations or campaigns.
  • Each logo should be resized to 340 px wide. They are displayed at 170 px wide.


  • Place in Body Content or Body Footer.

Editing and customisation

  • You can edit the title, the image, and the link (optional) for each logo.
  • You can choose whether the titles are centred or aligned left.
  • You can choose the colour: blue, grey, light grey or white.

Live examples

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