Content List

A series of downloads or external links seperated with a divider, each containing an image, a title, text and a link.


Category: Tabs and lists

Here is a working example of Content List. Its appearance will change in response to the size of your screen.

Example content list title

  • Example content list item

    Summary text goes here.

  • Content list item
    Body text goes here.
  • Another example
    Summary text goes here.Body text goes here.
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Usage guidelines

  • Use to show a list of content items, typically downloads such as a list of campaign posters.


  • Place in the Body Content.

Editing and customisation

  • You can edit the heading for the container.
  • You can edit the title, the image, the summary, the body and the link for each item.
  • You can choose a video instead of an image. It will play in an overlay.

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