Campaign Info Panel

A component that showcases key content in a number of ways.


Category: Titles and text

Here is a working example of Campaign Info Panel. Its appearance will change in response to the size of your screen.

Panel 1 (default)

Summary text goes here.

Panel 2 grey theme (flipped)

Summary text goes here.

Panel 3

Summary text goes here.

Usage guidelines

  • Use to build up a campaign page with a selection of content that is displayed number of formats: videos, images or a quote carousel.
  • Each of these components offers a key call to action for the user.
  • This is a flexible component with a customisable background colour (must adhere to RNLI's accessibility principles and be consistent with the RNLI brand).


  • Place in the Body Content, Body Header or Body Footer.

Editing and customisation

  • You can edit the title, the summary, the image and the link.
  • You can add an additional Image, Quote, Image Gallery or Video.
  • You can choose the theme colour: white or grey.
  • You can customise by flipping the content from left to right (for example, swapping Image and Body around).
  • You can choose to have a background image.

The following components can be added inside Campaign Info Panel:

Live examples

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