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The main body of text.


Category: Titles and text

Here is a working example of a Body. Its appearance will change in response to the size of your screen.

Heading (H2)

Subheading (H3)

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Bold text, italic text, hyperlinks (to web pages internal, external or files)

  • bullet point lists
  • list item two
  • list item three
  1. numbered lists
  2. list item to
  3. list item three

All text should be 'normalised', so have the correct <p> tags, and no rogue formatting. This can be achieved by always pasting content in as plain text, and making sure to select 'Normal' from the Rich Text Editor Menu.

Linking to a PDF, format as Title of document - PDF 2.MB

Usage guidelines

  • Use to display text.
  • Always use semantic markup that follows the development and accessibility principles
  • Only enter HTML - no styling (apart from making text bold or italic) of the content should be done to override the default site styles.
  • Avoid adding images into the body as they won't be responsive or use the caption, credit and share options.
  • Tables will show a horizontal scrollbar on smaller screens.


  • Place in the Body Content.

Editing and customisation

  • You have a number of formatting options here, including: Heading (H2), subheading (H3), bold text, italic text, hyperlinks (to web pages or files), images, bullet point lists, numbered lists, and dividing lines.

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