RNLI website components

Components are a simple, reusable solution to a design problem.
  • Accordion
    Example of "Accordion".
    A vertically stacked list of items. Each item can be expanded to reveal the content within.
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  • Side Content Address
    Example of "Side address".
    Side Content Address
    Grey box containing an address.
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  • Utility Bar
    Example of "Utility bar".
    Utility Bar
    Contextual navigation to link visitor to previous page.
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  • Body
    Example of "Body".
    The main body of text.
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  • Campaign Info Panel
    Example of "Campaign info panel".
    Campaign Info Panel
    A component that showcases key content in a number of ways.
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  • Campaign Navigation
    Example of "Campaign navigation".
    Campaign Navigation
    The main campaign navigation that allows a user to navigate through the site.
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  • Campaign Map
    Example of "Campaign map".
    Campaign Map
    A Google Map with a number of marker pins.
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  • Related Content
    Example of "Related content".
    Related Content
    A component that shows related content.
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  • Side Content Help
    Example of "Side help".
    Side Content Help
    A grey panel of text in the side panel.
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  • Side Content Promo
    Example of "Side promo".
    Side Content Promo
    A panel on the right-hand side that has an image and title. It also has an optional link and summary.
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  • Side Content Date Range
    Example of "Side date range".
    Side Content Date Range
    A component that shows times and dates.
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  • Side Content Location Map
    Example of "Side navigation map".
    Side Content Location Map
    A Google Map in the side panel with a single marker.
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