Sustainability at our Chelsea garden

We’re following sustainability principles for our RNLI Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022, from the garden design, through construction, to what happens to the plants and the materials once the show is over.

The watercolour design for our show garden, with an enticing paving leading you through a luscious flowering herbaceous borders towards statement trees including Chinese elm and Scots pine.

Photo: RNLI

Your preview of the sustainable RNLI Garden

For the first time, the RNLI is having a dedicated show garden at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower show, in 2022. Our garden will be designed by Chris Beardshaw as part of the new Project Giving Back initiative.

Thinking green with Chris Beardshaw

Ecological, environmentally friendly, wildlife friendly and sustainable solutions are inherent in all of Chris Beardshaw schemes as standard practice. Sustainability principles will be a core thread throughout the RNLI Garden creation process too, from design, through construction, to the plants and what happens to the elements of the garden once the show is over.

Sustainability principles are also woven through the RNLI’s mission to save every one and you can find out more via RNLI sustainability.   

The RHS and environmental gardening

The RHS promotes sustainability in horticulture and gardening by:

  • advancing the understanding of plants, gardens and gardening to adapt and mitigate against climate change and improve our environment
  • encouraging sustainable resource use in gardens for environmental benefit
  • advancing knowledge for growing food in domestic, community and school gardens to improve nutrition and wellbeing
  • promoting a better understanding of the role of plants, gardens and gardening in improving social, physical and mental wellbeing.

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