Mark Byford

‘The appeal has always been the strong sense of volunteering, courage, independence and community.’
RNLI Trustee Mark Byford
Mark Byford, RNLI Trustee

Mark Byford worked for the BBC for more than thirty years. He was Deputy Director General and Head of BBC Journalism from 2004-2011, responsible for all news and current affairs content across radio, television and interactive services, in the UK and around the world. Previously, he led the BBC World Service for six years. An award winning journalist and editor, he left the BBC in 2011 and is now an author of non-fiction books. ‘A Name On A Wall’ was published in 2013 and he is currently writing a second book on The Annunciation, inspired by a painting hanging in the National Gallery. 

Born in Castleford, West Yorkshire, he was educated at Lincoln School before studying Law at the University of Leeds. His hobbies include family life, sport and rock music.

Mark was elected to the RNLI Council in 2011. He was appointed an RNLI Trustee in 2012. He was Chairman of the Fundraising and Communications Committee from 2013 until it was disbanded at the end of 2014.  He has been a member of the Audit and Risk Committee since 2013 and was appointed its Chairman in 2017. 

He is married to Hilary and they have five children.