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Yarmouth’s Severn class lifeboat passes by The Needles. There is one crew member at the front of the boat on the lower deck, and five crew looking out from the upper deck.
‘It was like looking for a needle in a haystack’
When two paddleboarders go missing, seven lifeboats launch to their rescue. Will the crews find them before darkness falls?
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Two crew members from Fowey RNLI in their inshore lifeboat
Stuck on the rocks
What would you do if you saw your 13-year old daughter pulled out to sea on an inflatable paddleboard? 
What would you do?
Stephen Manson, an all-weather lifeboat crew member, smiles at the camera next to a dock
A battle against the storm
7 crew members. 16 hours at sea. Force 10 winds. 3 lives saved.
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Choose a beach patrolled by RNLI lifeguards and stay safe this summer
RNLI lifeguards on duty this summer
The 2024 lifeguarding season starts soon. And while our first thoughts may be of sun, sea, sand and good times, RNLI lifeguards on duty all around the UK and Channel Islands are thinking beach safety. Before you and your loved ones head out, do you know how to keep safe at the beach?
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D class inshore lifeboat launches from a tractor into heavy surf

True stories of courage

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