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Deck machinery

18 January 2016: EMFF funding is available to make updates to your commercial fishing vessel

‘The day of the accident was just like any other day’s fishing, until somehow I got tangled in the winch. I tried to free myself, but I couldn’t.’

Jamie Griffin lost his arm in 2013 in a deck-machinery accident. He’s one of 88 fishermen who’ve been either injured or killed in incidents like this in UK waters over the past 5 years.

Meanwhile, in the Republic of Ireland, RNLI lifeboats launched 105 times to commercial fishing-related incidents.

European funding is available to make improvements to your vessel, including deck machinery updates to keep you and your crew fishing safely.

Our video highlights some other things to consider when it comes to using deck machinery:

Take steps to stay safe:

  • All crew should be fully trained on the equipment they’re using.
  • Regular risk assessments should be carried out to spot hazards on deck.
  • Loose clothing and toggles can easily get tangled in deck machinery.
  • Where possible, positive levers should be used to operate machinery, as they cut out in an emergency when you let go.

Apply for funding to update your deck machinery

The following organisations can help you apply for funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund:


Apply through the Marine Management Organisation


Apply through Marine Scotland

Wales: Funding is not available yet, but is coming soon.

Northern Ireland: Funding is not available yet, but is coming soon.

Republic of Ireland: Funding is not available yet, but is coming soon.

(*Data provided by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch for incidents reported to them involving UK-registered fishing vessels between 1 January 2011 and 10 November 2015. Please note, the data provided for 2014 and 2015 is draft.)