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Shannon in action

Watch the Shannon prototype in action during her sea trials, and meet the people involved.

Video 1 of 6: 1 February 2013: We've reached our £5M fundraising target! Here's a thank you message from the team behind the Shannon.

Video 2 of 6: 5 September 2012: Dungeness Mechanic Trevor Bunney has been trialling the Shannon. He's looking forward to getting one on station, but there's a lot to learn …

Video 3 of 6: 3 July 2012 - Staff Coxswain Lee Firman tells us how the trials are going – and what the challenges have been so far.

Video 4 of 6: 3 July 2012 - Lifeboat Trainer Adam Lewis has been getting to grips with the Shannon prototype, ready to pass his knowledge on to the crews.

Video 5 of 6: 3 July 2012 - Launch and Recovery Trainer Mark Perry is impressed with the system we've got for getting the Shannon in and out of the water.

Video 6 of 6: 3 July 2012 - Principal Engineer John Deas gives us a lesson on how to launch and recover 18 tonnes of lifeboat.

Video 1 of 9: 19 September 2012 - A Shannon is split in two to be fit out. See how it's done in our timelapse video.

Video 2 of 9: 15 August 2012 - FCB2 Project Manager Chris Eves gives us a tour of the Shannon prototype. We explore the deck, upper steering position, wheelhouse and down below.

Video 3 of 9: 5 July 2012 -Time-lapse video of the prototype on trials in Dungeness, Kent.

Video 4 of 9: 29 June 2012 - The Shannon prototype has taken on some pretty big seas during her trials. See how the crew onboard coped with a rough ride.

Video 5 of 9: Wheelhouse view from Shannon prototype lifeboat on sea trials

Video 6 of 9: 25 April 2012 - See the prototype take on a force 8 gale.

Video 7 of 9: 12 April 2012 - More sea trials for our prototype – and it's a little choppier off the coast of Portland, Dorset. See our boat tow her big sister, the Tamar class lifeboat (at 32 tonnes, nearly double her weight).

Video 8 of 9: 2 March 2012 - Here's our first footage of the prototype at sea, having machinery trials in the Solent.

Video 9 of 9: 30 January 2012 - When an all-weather lifeboat capsizes, we need her to pop right back upright again. We turned the Shannon prototype on her head to see what would happen.

Please note, the location of the Shannon prototype is only visible when the vessel is at sea or being worked upon. If you're seeing the Meditteranean in the box below, it's likely that our tracking device is switched off and the prototype is moored up with no-one aboard. Please try again later.

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