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RNLI Mayday 2015

Yellow wellies for Mayday 2015 photo credit Nigel Millard

In 2014, the RNLI rescued an average of 24 people every day and that wouldn’t be possible without you. Your donations help us bring people back to their families. And that’s why we need you this Mayday.

Give it some welly! 

From 1-4 May 2015, we’re celebrating the lifesaving work of our lifeboat crews. They risk their own safety to rescue people around the UK and Republic of Ireland, so we need you to fundraise and keep them ready for emergencies. The money we raise could fund anything from crew training to essential equipment like a pair of wellies.

Yellow wellies are an important piece of kit for our crews. They keep our lifesavers on sure footing during rescues and they’re a symbol of the amazing work they do. So whether you donate, fundraise or volunteer, let’s give it some welly and do something extraordinary.

Mayday events 

We’ll be holding lots of Mayday events and we’d love you to join us. Have a look at our list to see what’s going on in your local area. And bring your friends and family along because it’s going to be a great weekend!

Find an event near you


We depend on public donations to rescue people in danger. From essential kit to crew training and fuel for our lifeboats, your generosity keeps our lifeboat crews ready for emergencies 24 hours a day.

Donate now

Ready to pay in your fundraising money?

You’re a lifesaver! If you’ve finished your fundraising efforts, you can send us the total when you’ve collected it. Your support really will make a difference for our crews.

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  • Nigel Rollo on Arklow beach for Mayday 2015

    Nigel and Andrew Rollo

    Nigel and his son Andrew were on a support boat for the Celtic Challenge in 2013. Their yacht ran into trouble 4 miles off the coast and the situation deteriorated rapidly. The lifeboat arrived and got Nigel and his son home safely.

  • Russell Shaw, Eddie Elligot and Easy the dog

    Russell Shaw and Eddie McElligott

    Russell Shaw will never forget the day he almost lost his two best friends, Eddie McElligott and Easy the dog. Eddie was walking Easy when he lost his footing and fell into the icy Thames. The Chiswick lifeboat crew acted swiftly and prevented a tragedy.

  • RNLI Fundraisers Dave, Dave and Paul on Pendle Hill Mayday 2015

    Dave Hursthouse

    Dave was rescued by RNLI lifeboat crew members in 2007. He had a sailing accident and was knocked overboard by the boom. The quick responses of the crew inspired Dave and his friends, Dave and Paul, to fundraise for the RNLI.

  • Louisa and Peter in Staithes

    Louisa and Peter

    Louisa and Peter were on holiday together in Staithes, North Yorkshire. While the couple were enjoying a walk along the pier, a wave dragged them into the sea. They were in trouble, but our crew members were quick to respond and pulled them to safety.

​Fill your boots

Every penny we raise this Mayday helps us save lives at sea. From essential kit to training and fuel for lifeboats, your donations make it possible for us to rescue people every day. RNLI lifeboat crew members wear yellow wellies to protect their feet in dangerous conditions. Now you can turn your own wellies into lifesavers! Fill your boots and collect donations from people this Mayday. It costs £42 to buy a pair of wellies for our crew, so you can set yourself an easy target and have fun at the same time. Just make sure someone’s there to give you a hand – a welly full of coins can get quite heavy!

Wear your wellies to work

Turn your wellies into fundraisers and wear them to work. Get people to sponsor you or donate money. And if you’re a manager, encourage everyone else to join in the fun too. Make it an event for all of the office and get everyone to chip in £2. It’ll be like you’re at a music festival before the season even starts – and every penny raised will help us save lives.

Want to do something different?

We want you to be as creative as possible with your fundraising ideas. You could bake delicious cakes for a bake sale or cycle up the highest peaks – everything you do will make a difference. Thinking of doing something brilliantly original? Let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #YellowWelly.

Got your own fundraising idea? That's brilliant! We want to hear all about it. 

Register your event


Materials to help with your fundraising

We're here to support you through all of your efforts this Mayday. We hope these resources will make things easy for you.


Download what you need below.

Mayday volunteer poster​

​​Mayday fundraising poster

​Mayday invites

Welly hunt signage

Volunteer poster Mayday fundraising poster Mayday invites Mayday Welly Hunt signage

A4 UK 2
A4 ROI 2
A4 Wales

A4 UK 2
A4 ROI 2
A4 Wales

A5 Wales

A4 Generic

​Mayday fundraising ideas guide

​Sponsorship form

#YellowWelly knitting pattern

​Social media images

Mayday fundraising guide Mayday sponsorship form #YellowWelly knitting pattern Mayday social media image

​A4 UK
A4 Welsh and English

Knitting pattern

​Twitter header image
Facebook cover image

​​Paying in form

Mayday paying in form



Three Mayday volunteers holding their yellow welliesWe need lots of fundraising volunteers to lend a hand this Mayday. We’re recruiting for our street collection teams to help out from 28 April-4 May 2015. We need people who are passionate about the RNLI to shake buckets and collect those donations. So if that sounds like you, we’d love it if you could join us!

You’ll get to be there with other enthusiastic supporters and you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re collecting. There’s going to be a great atmosphere as we celebrate the selfless efforts of our crew members.

You can sign up as a fundraising volunteer at one of our many events around the UK and Republic of Ireland listed below. You’re spoiled for choice!

Mayday volunteer opportunities | Scotland

Mayday volunteer opportunities | Northern Ireland

Yellow welly full of donations for Mayday 2015

Are you and your pupils passionate about the lifesaving work of the RNLI? So if that sounds like your school, you could lend a hand by filling wellies with generous donations!

Fill Your Boots  is a great way to raise awareness and money. Instead of using a Mayday collection bucket, you fill your own wellies with donations and your pupils can do the same. All of the money raised will support our crews, so the aim is to fill as many as possible. Is your school ready for the challenge?

If your school or youth group would like to take part in Mayday, please tell us about it and we’ll support your fundraising efforts. We can also arrange for one of our education volunteers to visit your school or youth group for an interactive presentation .

Need some more information?

Fill out our form below and someone from our Education Team will be in touch!