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Largs Lifeboat Station

Largs Lifeboat Station

Largs was the first station in Scotland to operate a B class Atlantic 21 lifeboat. The prototype, B-500, was sent for trials in 1972; these proved very successful and the station has operated an Atlantic lifeboat ever since.

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15/10/2016 13:17
25/09/2016 15:00
25/09/2016 13:04
18/09/2016 18:39
15/09/2016 19:43
31/08/2016 11:51
31/08/2016 11:50
28/08/2016 12:22
18/08/2016 11:16
16/08/2016 16:01

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Station address:

Largs Lifeboat Station
Greenock Road
North Promenade
KA30 8PQ

Station telephone:

01475 675149

Station opening times:

By appointment only

Visitor contact:

Dave Hewitt

Visitor contact telephone:

01475 675818

Shop telephone:

01475 670147

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Bank Holidays

Appledore ILB crew members. Left to right, Martin Davis, Gary Stanbury and Andrew HalletSpecific crew member details for this lifeboat station are not available here at the moment.

More than 4,800 lifeboat crew members around the UK and RoI drop everything when their pagers go off, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Only 1 in 10 crew members has a professional maritime occupation. Men and women of all ages and all walks of life crew the RNLI lifeboats around our coasts and waterways.


Image of lifeboat

Lifeboat name: B-854 'Naming ceremony to take place in 2012'

Lifeboat class: B class

Funded by: Kindly funded by The Toby Charitable Trust, which was created by deed granted by Robert Amory Wilson

Read more about the B class


Inshore lifeboat station established in May with a D class lifeboat.

Committee of Management decided to award Framed Letters of Thanks signed by the Institution's Chairman to Helmsman John H Harrison and crew members Robert Watson and John Mackie for their services to a Drilling Rig (Pontoon) in difficulties off Hunterston Sands on 18 March.

An Atlantic 17 class lifeboat sent to station.

The Atlantic 17 and D class lifeboat withdrawn and replaced by an Atlantic 21 lifeboat as the station boat.

Silver Medal was awarded to crew member Arthur Hill in recognition of his courage, determination and cool assessment of a difficult situation when he entered the water from the lifeboat Independent Forester Liberty on 24 July 1983 and ducked down about three feet to get under the cabin top of an upturned boat to rescue a young girl trapped forward in a small air-pocket.  Helmsman John Strachan was accorded the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum for his leadership and judgement.  The Ma ud Smith Award for the most outstanding act of lifesaving by a life-boatman during 1983 was awarded to Arthur Hill for this service.

The boathouse was of insufficient size to accommodate an Atlantic 75 class lifeboat and launching vehicle and hence the construction of a larger boathouse was proposed.  Facilities include housing for the lifeboat and launching vehicle, workshop, oil and petrol stores.  This was completed in February.

A new B class, Atlantic 85 lifeboat, B-854 R A Wilson was placed on service on 6 November.