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Kinghorn Lifeboat Station

Kinghorn lifeboat station

Situated on the east coast of Scotland on the banks of the Firth of Forth north of Edinburgh, Kinghorn Lifeboat Station was established in 1965 and has launched over 1,000 times over nearly 50 years (2013 figure). Kinghorn’s inshore lifeboat covers much of the south Fife coastline, and also much of Edinburgh.

This station is classed as an Observe station. We welcome visitors but the station is not manned full-time. Please use contact details below to arrange a visit. Kinghorn is a great location so why not enjoy the local area, using the station as a starting point.

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Recent launches from this station

Date Time
29/12/2015 12:38
29/12/2015 01:43
20/12/2015 00:50
14/12/2015 19:15
26/11/2015 14:14
12/11/2015 18:33
01/11/2015 16:18
13/10/2015 12:42
03/10/2015 21:20
01/10/2015 15:54

Latest news from this station

  • Multi Agency Rescue Saves Two Lives in Forth

    Multi Agency Rescue Saves Two Lives in Forth


    A multi-agency search was launched in the Firth of Forth this morning for two missing stand-up paddle boarders, resulting in the saving of two lives.

  • Kinghorn Lifeboat Station 2015 Review

    Kinghorn Lifeboat Station 2015 Review


    Kinghorn RNLI lifeboat has had a busy 2015, with the volunteer crew attending over 40 callouts, and also marking 50 years of service during their golden anniversary celebrations.

  • Kinghorn RNLI New Year Dook

    Kinghorn RNLI New Year Dook


    Kinghorn RNLI Lifeboat Station is looking forward to a bracing New Year when they hold their annual Kinghorn Loony Dook on 1st January 2016

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Station location

Map of location View full map

Next event

No events currently available

Forecasts for Kinghorn Lifeboat Station

Station address:

30 St James Place

Station telephone:

01592 890663

Station opening times:

By appointment


No parking close to the station

Visitor contact:

Visitor contact telephone:

Joanne Wibberley

01592 890650

Visitor contact email:


Appledore ILB crew members. Left to right, Martin Davis, Gary Stanbury and Andrew HalletSpecific crew member details for this lifeboat station are not available here at the moment.

More than 4,800 lifeboat crew members around the UK and RoI drop everything when their pagers go off, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Only 1 in 10 crew members has a professional maritime occupation. Men and women of all ages and all walks of life crew the RNLI lifeboats around our coasts and waterways.


Image of lifeboat

Lifeboat name:
Tommy Niven

Lifeboat class: B class

Funded by: Funded by the generous legacy of Mr Thomas Niven

Read more about the B class

Inshore lifeboat station established in June with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat.
A Marley pre-cast boathouse constructed, replacing the Hardun boathouse.
A D class lifeboat withdrawn and replaced by a C class lifeboat on 10 June.
An extension to the boathouse was built enabling the launching trolley to be housed with the lifeboat.
An Atlantic 21 class lifeboat placed on temporary station duty on 29 June and C class withdrawn from operational duties.
New boathouse and launching ramp constructed.  The two-storey boathouse includes housing for the lifeboat and tractor coupled in-line, a souvenir sales outlet, workshop, and improved crew facilities.  Work was also carried out at the same time on the construction of a new concrete slipway opposite the new boathouse.
Atlantic 21 withdrawn and replaced by an Atlantic 75 B720 on 12 December.
The new station Atlantic 85 class lifeboat B836 Tommy Niven was placed on service on 22 October. B720 lifeboat has been withdrawn to the relief fleet. This lifeboat was donated by the generous bequest of Mr Thomas Niven.