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Happisburgh Lifeboat Station

Happisburgh Lifeboat Station

Celebrating nearly 100 years as a lifeboat station, today Happisburgh operates an inshore lifeboat from a site at Cart Gap. Coastal erosion prevents the lifeboat from launching from the previous site. The original boathouse is now used for training.




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Date Time
12/08/2016 15:58
04/08/2016 20:21
04/08/2016 20:01
24/07/2016 16:12
23/07/2016 11:30
10/07/2016 15:04
31/10/2015 18:05
31/10/2015 17:57
13/09/2015 12:06
02/08/2015 14:05

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Station address:

Happisburgh Lifeboat Station
Cart Gap Road
NR12 0QL

Station telephone:

01692 583269

Station opening times:




Don't miss: crew training-most Sunday mornings, weather permitting


Parking, disabled parking, disabled access

Visitor contact:

Mr C Cox

Visitor contact telephone:

01692 650727

Shop opening times:

30 October 2016-26 March 2017



26 March-29 October 2017



Shop telephone:

​01692 584864 

Appledore ILB crew members. Left to right, Martin Davis, Gary Stanbury and Andrew HalletSpecific crew member details for this lifeboat station are not available here at the moment.

More than 4,800 lifeboat crew members around the UK and RoI drop everything when their pagers go off, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Only 1 in 10 crew members has a professional maritime occupation. Men and women of all ages and all walks of life crew the RNLI lifeboats around our coasts and waterways.



Image of lifeboat

Lifeboat name: Friendly Forester II

Lifeboat class: B class

Read more about the B class

Image of lifeboat

Lifeboat name: Spirit of Berkhamsted

Lifeboat class: D class

Read more about the D class



The Royal National Lifeboat Institution opened a station at Old Cart Gap in 1866 after the Secretary of Bacton station recommended the establishment.

Lifeboat house built at Old Cart Gap - cost £189.

Lifeboat capsized whilst on service to Schooner Edith of Padstow on 23 January, fortunately without loss of life.  The lifeboat was swept across the wreck.

The Institution’s Thanks on Vellum was accorded to Rev. J. Slater in recognition of his many years of dedicated service as Station Honorary Secretary.

Silver Medal awarded to Coxswain John Cannon on retirement in acknowledgment of his long and valuable service.

A sum of £5 gratuity to widow of William Wilkins, who had been lender of the horses on the occasion of every service and exercise since the formation of the station 23 years ago.

Acetylene beach light supplied.

Station closed.

Inshore lifeboat station established with the placing on service of a D class lifeboat in June.

New boathouse constructed, including crew facilities.

Following a visit on 11 April 1994 by the Coast Review delegation, led by Air Vice Marshal J F H Tetley, it was recommended by the Search and Rescue Committee on 17 May 1994 and resolved by the Executive Committee at their meeting on 29 June 1994 that the requirement to place a D class lifeboat on all-year-round be reviewed in the light of the Divisional Inspector's report.

New D class lifeboat D468 Colin Martin placed on service on 13 September.

Proposals for improved crew facilities were drawn up and approved.  The work was completed in March.

The new station D class lifeboat D607 Spirit of Berkhamsted was placed on service on 22 October.  This lifeboat was funded by an appeal run by the volunteers of the Berkhamsted and District Branch.

The relief Atlantic 75, B-710 Friendly Forester II was placed on service for evaluation trials on 9 April.

A new ramp was built to aid the launching of the lifeboat at a total cost of £350,000.

The Trustees of the RNLI at their meeting on 3 November confirmed that a B class ILB be co-located at Happisburgh.

Long term temporary facilities completed in June at a cost of £150,000.