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Visiting stations

With over 230 RNLI lifeboat stations around the UK and Republic of Ireland, there are plenty of opportunities to take a closer look at the work of our volunteer crews. All stations welcome visitors but are split into the following categories, offering three levels of access and visitor opportunities. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy your visit.

Explore stations

Explore stations offer the best visitor experience. With free access, you can go inside and look around the station, see the lifeboat and, in most cases, pre-book a tour. They are normally open all year and have an RNLI gift shop. 

Discover stations  

Our crews from Discover stations are equally welcoming to visitors but many of these stations were built before visitors were considered. These stations normally open their boathouse doors during the summer months.

Observe stations

Observe stations also welcome visitors but many are in inaccessible places and best suited to maritime rescue rather than visits. However, they are situated in stunning locations so why not enjoy the local area, using the station as a starting point?