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Branch volunteer wins Olympics

By Rory Stamp

In the first edition of Branchout there was a competition with a truly golden prize - a VIP trip to the London 2012 Olympics. The prize was courtesy of Rio Tinto, the firm that provided the metal for this year's Olympic medals.
The winners were Jim and Maureen McQueen. Both are RNLI supporters and Jim is a committee member of the Arnside Branch in Cumbria.

'It was a never to be forgotten trip,' says Maureen. 'Rio Tinto were very generous with their hospitality: the hotel, excellent meals, full support and transport to three Olympic events.' The couple watched beach volleyball, tennis and basketball during their visit.
'The prize was particularly valuable to us as we are both keen athletics supporters and attend most UK events,' adds Maureen. 'We had booked over 12 months ago to attend an athletics evening in the Olympic Stadium for the following week and the prize enabled us to see more of the Olympics events than we would otherwise have done.
'Many thanks to the RNLI for enabling this trip to happen.'