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Welcome to the RNLI

  • One Courageous Community

    Every day of every year, people of all ages and backgrounds get into danger in the water. It’s a problem that we’re here to tackle.

    We’re here to prevent tragedies – and with your support we always will be.

    Read our Annual Report and Accounts
    One courageous community illustration for the 2015 Annual Report and Review
  • We save life in the toughest conditions

    RNLI rescue teams saved 442 people’s lives last year.

    Our frontline service of lifeboat crews, lifeguards and flood rescue teams remains at the heart of our charity. And as long as people need our help on the water, this will never change.

    Our 2015 rescues
    Joint casualty care exercise between Hoylake and West Kirby lifeboat crews along with local RNLI lifeguards.
  • We will prevent more tragedies

    British and Irish waters are dangerously unpredictable – more than 200 people die every year in accidents on or near the sea.

    In 2015, we went further than ever to change this.

    Find out how
    A swim Safe event taking part in Boscombe, Dorset.
  • People can power our lifesaving charity

    We believe there is a way for every member of the community to save lives.

    The RNLI supports its volunteers, donors and staff, whatever their roles, to achieve their best and save more lives.

    Learn about our lifesavers
    A Mayday fundraiser in Cardiff
  • We build lifesaving that lasts

    In order to save more lives, we must be prepared to go further, adapt more quickly and build an organisation that will be sustainable for future generations.

    How we're doing that
    Portishead’s B class lifeboat
  • We fulfil our commitment to saving lives

    We must ensure our charity is able to sustain its lifesaving service, now and into the future.

    We review and reconfirm our future direction at regular intervals to ensure we remain on track.

    Our plans and purpose
    RNLI Wicklow crew
One Courageous Community
Read our Annual Report and Accounts

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Donate to the Summer Appeal
Stations around the UK and Ireland need vital improvements and repairs – will you help us fund them?




Berwick-upon-Tweed lifeboat assists yacht with steering failure

25 May 2016

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