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Welcome to the RNLI

  • October is Free Wills Month

    If you’re aged 55 or over and live in England or Wales, this is your chance to have your Will written or amended for free.

    A Will ensures your wishes will be honoured. And gives you the chance to leave a lasting legacy.

    Find out more
    Padstow’s Tamar class lifeboat moves through the waves. A gift in your Will can help leave a lasting legacy.
  • Your legacy is our lifeline

    Your legacy will be much more than a gift in your Will. It will be the lifeboat that launches. The training of our volunteers. And the kit that protects them at sea.

    If you’re writing or amending your Will, please …

    Consider leaving a gift to the RNLI
    New Quay crew members battle the elements onboard their all-weather lifeboat, which was funded by gifts and legacies.
  • Our volunteers are extraordinary

    Only one in 10 lifeboat crew members has professional maritime experience.

    But once trained, they’re ready to brave the elements and unpredictable seas to save the lives of others.

    A gift in your Will can ensure they’re prepared.

    See how you can make a difference
    A gift in your Will helps prepare our lifesavers, like Swanage crew member Gavin Steeden.
  • 'We're going for it'

    Many of our lifeboats, crew kit and crew training are funded or part-funded by gifts in Wills.

    Like Sunderland's D class lifeboat, Myjo, which has been saving lives at sea since 2011 thanks to the legacy of Marjorie Gallon.

    See our Sunderland crew in action
    A Sunderland crew member throws a line to fellow volunteer Chris Stringer, who jumped into the sea to rescue a casualty battered
October is Free Wills Month
Find out more

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Donate to the st Davids Appeal

We need your help to fund a new boathouse and slipway for St Davids.




Constantine IRB rescue surfer in difficulty

03 August 2015

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235 Red Wash Bag

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Happy Birthday Storm Force!

Happy 30th Birthday Storm Force!Join our 30th birthday celebrations - sign little ones up to our club.

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This list is connected to the pagers carried by the RNLI's lifeboat crew members.

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