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Welcome to the RNLI

  • Respect the Water: make your decision

    You’re at the pub with your friends, but you’re tempted to leave. Do you stay with your mates or walk home alone?

    Watch our interactive film, make your choice and find out what happens next.

    Watch the film
    Still from Respect the Water interactive film
  • British and Irish waters are dangerously unpredictable

    Around 190 people die at the coast each year. We want to see that number halved by 2024.

    Be aware of the risks and learn how to stay safe on the water.

    Get safety tips
    Landscape shot of the River Thames
  • ‘That day broke my heart’

    Twenty-three-year-old Mike Bindon was an experienced angler, who loved nothing more than spending a day at the coast with his friends.

    But no amount of experience could have prepared him for the rogue wave that swept him into the sea.

    Hear Mike’s story
    Phil Bindon, whose son Mike was tragically swept off rocks with fishing in Polzeath. Sadly, his body was never found.
  • Could you hold your breath long enough to survive?

    How long can you hold your breath? 30 seconds? Maybe even 45?

    It’s even harder when you’re at the mercy of Britain and Ireland’s unpredictable waters. Cold water shock can leave you helpless. See what it’s like.

    Take the breathe test
    A screenshot of the Respect the Water breathe test
  • You fall in the water – what do you do?

    You might be surprised to learn that around half the people who drown don’t even intend to get wet – they slip, trip or fall into the water.

    If this happened to you, would you know what to do? Test your knowledge.

    Take the challenge
    Still from Respect the Water challenge
Respect the Water: make your decision
Watch the film

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Walmer and Dover RNLI lifeboats rescue 34 teenagers and 2 adults

06 June 2016

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