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Welcome to the RNLI

  • Six rescued from flash rip current

    Enjoying the water one minute. Struggling the next. That was the scene when six people got caught in a flash rip current.

    'Rip currents are hard to spot and can be very dangerous; this is why it's very important to swim at a lifeguarded beach.'

    About the rescue
    RNLI lifeguards rescue six people from a flash rip current off Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire. Photo: RNLI
  • 'A very lucky escape'

    Two kayakers are lucky to be alive after they were forced to leave their kayaks in the midst of a storm.

    Without lifejackets, they clung to a dry bag until they were spotted by Margate lifeboat crew thanks to the light of their mobile phone.

    Get the full story
    Margate lifeboat volunteers on board their inshore lifeboat Tigger Three. Photo: RNLI / Peter Barker
  • Crewman jumps in to save boy's life

    When a powerful undercurrent left three children at the mercy of the sea, Fraserburgh lifeboat volunteers arrived in the nick of time.

    As they plucked one child to safety, Crew Member John Chalmer jumped in to save the life of another.

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    Fraserburgh Crew Member John Chalmer jumps off the lifeboat to rescue a young boy swept out to sea. Photo: RNLI / Billy Watson
  • Trapped in rocks with a rising tide

    A game of hide and seek turned into a dramatic rescue when a young girl got stuck between rocks.

    Out on his first shout, 17-year-old New Quay lifeboat volunteer Tom Evans managed to free the 9-year-old girl by cutting her out of her wellies.

    Watch the rescue footage
    The young girl trapped in between the sea defence rocks at Aberaeron. Photo: Still taken from RNLI New Quay footage
  • Sailor treads water for 2 hours

    A teenage sailor who tried to swim to safety after his boat capsized is lucky to be alive today.

    Fowey lifeboat volunteers rescued the sailor two hours after he posted an SOS message on Facebook.

    More on this rescue
    Fowey’s inshore and all-weather lifeboats at sea. Photo: RNLI
Six rescued from flash rip current
About the rescue

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Child trapped in rocks rescued by New Quay lifeboat crew as tide rises

11 July 2014

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